• Strategic Advisory

    We can perform a strategic assessment and a create a roadmap for performance driven results.

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  • Systems Integration

    We will guide you through digital integration and will help you to address security risks.

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  • Lab connect

    We connect people with new ideas to your business for truly innovative solutions.

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Why Us?

Why Us?

We have a rich history and deep experience for leading large and complex projects, to managing organizations of various size and complexity, in both public and private sector

  • A unique business model that scales to support midsize to large businesses.
  • Service delivery based on experience from Public Sector, Private Sector and Academic Research & Entrepreneurship.
  • Team comprised of Senior Business Leaders, Technology Leaders, Academic Researchers and top Graduates.
  • Passion driven team that is committed in making a positive impact for our client’s business.

Cloud and Things executes a business model that supports start-ups to large corporations; a service delivery model that draws experience from the public and private sector, engages academic research and entrepreneurship with a diverse team of senior business professionals, technology leaders, academic research leads and smart local graduates. We are a passionately driven team with core values of transparency, integrity, and social responsibility committed to making a positive difference.

Why We Exist

Why We Exist

Partnering to Drive Business Innovation

Since 2002 we’ve had a mission to drive Business Innovation and Digital Transformation by leveraging emerging technologies and connected world.


To support our client’s mission through the use of digital technologies.


To be our clients first choice for leading business transformation.

Core Values

Transparency — Integrity — Social Responsibility

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