Why I’m a CISO… Part I

Why I’m a CISO… Part I

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I have been in technology for more years than I can count, or even remember.

It has been a journey with many challenges, disappointments, rewards, and accolades. I find myself often wondering what life would be like if I chose a different path… If I had chosen a different field of study earlier on, or if I wasn’t a person who retained their level of interest in technology… Well, so far, I haven’t come up with anything of value (to me) that says I made a wrong choice or that I should have tried a different career path instead.

A question I get hundreds of times is: Why are you interested in information security and this CISO thing with everything happening in today’s world?

Well, I’m a person who just doesn’t like being behind the door when the s!@# hits the fan. I absolutely have to be out in front, chest deep in the swamp and juggling a multitude of items every day. People say: “Drain the swamp, it will help you cope and manage better.” I say: “No!”

I don’t believe I need to drain the swamp… I’ve learned throughout my career from some of the best technology leaders, as well as, spent a significant amount of time reading, studying and learning on my own, to become a good navigator. How do you manage to move within the swamp, you ask? Constructing oneself to be a good navigator means you have to be able to adapt, overcome, or successfully improvise a strategic process utilizing a navigator’s suite of tools such as instruments, maps, stars and even the moon to make your way across a mushy, sloppy wetland!

Is it a challenge? Yes, absolutely! Potential of running yourself into the ground with work? Yep every day; sometimes it feels like a 500 ton press working on you 24×7. Would I want it any other way? Again, absolutely not! This is just one of the qualities I enjoy most about being a CISO and participating in the cyber-security and information technology industry. It’s challenging and rewarding. It’s stressful, yet exhilarating. It pushes you to an extreme and assumes you’re a fortune teller or possess super intuition for predicting potential problems before they happen. For myself, I wouldn’t have things any other way. Being involved with security, risk, resiliency and technology management is the path I chose and have known for a long time that it was definitely the right one for me!

Part II: September 27, 2017

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